Being passionate coffee drinkers, with our own commercial-sized coffee roaster, we are expanding our popular coffee based series.  So far we have released  a Coffee Pale (Coffee O’Clock), a Coffee Stout (Wake the Dead) and a Coffee Porter (Triple BA Coffee), a triple coffee from beans aged in our own bourbon barrels.  In addition we have, quite appropriately, barrel-aged versions of these beers ‘maturing’ at the moment as well as other styles, including non-alcoholic coffee-related drinks.

Wake the Dead.png

wake the dead

Cold Brew Coffee Stout
5.8% | OG 1.058 | IBU 20

Triple Coffee Brose-01.png

Triple Coffee brose

Triple Coffee Porter
4.2% | OG 1.046 | IBU 26

coffee o'clock.png

Coffee o’clock

Coffee Pale Ale
5.1% | OG 1.052 | IBU 22